10,000 Dawns is a series of books, short stories, and an upcoming comic book, created by James Wylder, with assistance from many of his friends who were alumni of Hanover College as part of a sci-fi roleplaying club he led (Including Jo Smiley, Dave Koon, Jordan Stout, Taylor Elliot, Olivia Hinkel, EN Hempstead, Rosalie Derk, Patrick Blaker, Colby McClung, Elizabeth Tock, Meghin Shelton, Dan Alejos, Ellie Fairfield, Rosa New, and others.) The series has gone on to feature writers from several countries.



Title Author Release date
10,000 Dawns James Wylder 7 August 2015 - 3 March 2016 (serialised)
23 November 2016 (paperback)
Death and Doubling Cubes James Wylder 25 June 2017
Good Days and Bad Days James Wylder 23 October 2018 (as Part One of Poor Man's Iliad)


Title Author Editor Release date
Tales from the 10,000 Dawns various James Wylder
Tales of Treason James Wylder 22 June 2016
Poor Man's Iliad various James Wylder 23 October 2018
A 10,000 Dawns Christmas various James Wylder 25 December 2018
5 March 2019

Upcoming releases

  • Sidewinders (by James Wylder)
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