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789 was an agent of the Numbered who worked against the Infinite agent Pathway in Pathway's universe, within the 10,000 Drafts.

Character Overview


789 was devoted to the cause of Lady Frostbite and the Numbered against the Infinite, believing that theirs was the noble, reasonable side while the Infinite were idealistic fools who would doom reality. He and “you” generally got along during his undercover work in “your” reality. (PROSE: Prototype)

Physical appearance

In his student disguise, “you” knew 789 as a “grungy guy” with stubble. As an agent of the Numbered wore wearing a grey uniform with the number 789 on the breast. (PROSE: Prototype) Oh, there he is too. He bursts through the bushes, a bulky rifle in hand. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. He is. This detail becomes more notable when Pathway draws her sword (!) from her back, and points it at him.


789 confronted Pathway and “you” on the planet created by the Creation Machine was its own place of rest. He was unable to convince you to join his side, as a T-rex produced by the Machine intervened. 789 shot at it multiple time with the green blasts of his energy gun, but was unsuccessful, with Pathway and her sword proving more able to temporarily subdue the beast. 789 promptly ran away while the dinosaur was distracted. (PROSE: Prototype)