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A 10,000 Dawns Christmas is a free ebook only short story collection in the 10,000 Dawns Series. It features the debuts of several new writers into the 10,000 Dawns series, as well as two stories that crossover with the Whoniverse (The Gendar Conspiracy and White Canvas). It features licensed characters from Jacob Black, Nate Bumber, Niki Haringsma, Simon Bucher-Jones, Lance Parkin, and Alan Bednar, with a special thanks to Stuart Douglas.

It was edited and illustrated by James Wylder.


The Dawn Before Christmas by Trevor Allen

Holiday Heist by Bri Crozier

Spirited to Stay by Charles Whitt

Merry Christmas, Mr. Nixon by James Wylder

No Holidays, Please by Rachel Johnson

I Saw Three Ships by Tycho McPhee Letts

The Sun and the Sunken City by Sam Maleski

Winter's View by Jacob Black

The Gendar Conspiracy by James Wylder

White Canvas by James Wylder