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"A Different Kind of Battlefield" is a short story by Jo Smiley that was originally published in "Tales from the 10,000 Dawns." This story was the debut of characters such as Donovan MacLeod, Lucia MacLeod, Nathan Solano, Pauline Lamarque, and Maura Flanagan. It also features Cornelia Carthage and a young Alice MacLeod.

Plot summary

After ordering her battleship, the Byzantium, to fire on Centro vessels, Commander Cornelia Carthage is on trial for treason. When she calls the former members of her crew to let them know what's going on, several of them insist on traveling to Washington DC to stand with her. This erupts into a standoff between Donovan MacLeod and several high-ranking members of Centro's government, including a Director. The results of this battle cause Donovan to completely lose his faith in the corporate government, angrily resign his post, and storm out swearing that he'll find justice somewhere.

This story provides the setup for a series yet to come about Donovan, Alice, and the fight to take on Centro and change the world.