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Alice "Nightingale" MacLeod is a resident of the Prime Universe in London on Earth. She is the daughter of Donovan MacLeod, a former Centro soldier, and Lucia MacLeod, an anti-Centro activist. At an early age, Alice adopted the anti-Centro ideology of her parents and became a part of the Working Class Heroes who fought to remove the Centro Systems rule of Earth. Her friends on Earth included Jack O'Connor, who allegedly helped her in many anti-corporate schemes, but she is now exiled from all Centro territories.

Alice was a part of the crew of the Beard of Zeus, and helped fight the incursion of the Great Assimilation into the Prime Universe. One of her friends on the ship was Index Snowcutter Jhe Aladdin, who she saved from a rampaging beast on a mission once.


Alice's sexual orientation is Aromantic Asexual. She has no romantic relationships with anyone, but she does have many close friendships. Jack O'Connor and Jhe Aladdin are two of her closest friends.