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Alice "Songbird" MacLeod was the incarnation of Alice "Nightingale" MacLeod born on Songbird's Dawn. She was a member of the World Revolutionary Council, and fought alongside her friends Jack O'Connor, Shona Daniels, Ren Yi, Trevon Lafayette, and Chantelle Thomas to defeat Centro Systems. MacLeod led the WRC forces to victory in many battles, including in London, Mexico City, and New York. The WRC did not know that she had received help from Dawn agent Johnathan Vice in securing these victories. MacLeod executed her Dawn's Board of Directors, including Graelyn Scythes (Songbird's Dawn). She usually wore a Tarkanovsky Jacket.

MacLeod captured Graelyn Scythes and Archimedes VonAhnerabe, not understanding their role as alternate universe travelers. After Scythes escaped from a WRC prison with Centro Director Manuel Salazar, MacLeod went on a mission to assassinate Salazar in his home city of Nojpeten. Landing from an airdrop onto the Great Pyramid of Nojpeten in a suit of power armor with Archimedes, the pair fought Sarah "Chrometeeth" MacLachlan, before she was stopped from assassinating Salazar by accidental gunshots by Scythes. Bleeding out on the Great Pyramid, Scythes then convinced Salazar to save her.

MacLeod went on to advocate for both Salazar and Scythes to be freed by the WRC, and even found an old Judicator robot so Scythes would receive a fair trial.

After Scythes and VonAhnerabe left her Dawn, MacLeod suffered from PTSD from her experiences. Jim and Annie, two WRC scientists, developed a new set of power armor for her called the Songbird Armor that allowed her to fly. Taking that armor into battle before she was ready, MacLeod realized that her PTSD was going to be a part of her, and she needed to accept it to recover.