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Anya Hypercube is a member of the Hypercube Family of Titan, in the Outer Rim. Her family owns and runs the Cube2Hypergang, which is primarily a shipping company. The gang is led by Anya's father, Michelangelo Hypercube, and his wife, Geraldine "JackBox" McGraw Hypercube, and its membership is mostly made up of the fourteen Hypercube children. They are one of the largest families on the Rim.

Anya is most interested in engineering, and when she's not doing something for Cube2Hypergang, she prefers to spend most of her time modifying her mechanical arm and leg or creating new things out of mechanical parts. She also likes going on adventures, a hobby which often gets her into trouble.

Some of Anya's adventures are detailed in Death and Doubling Cubes.


Anya is the biological daughter of Michelangelo Hypercube and Jade Darkshadow. Jade and Michelangelo had a toxic relationship, which ended with Jade abandoning Michelangelo and the infant Anya. The heartbreak and betrayal caused Michelangelo to never want to talk about Jade, resulting in Anya growing up not knowing who her biological mother was.

She was raised by Michelangelo alone at first, until he married Geraldine "JackBox" McGraw, at which point Anya gained a stepmom and a stepbrother, Ulysses Hypercube, Geraldine's child from a previous marriage. She later gained several half siblings as well.

Anya enjoyed having a large family, but deep down, she always wanted to know who her biological mother had been, and what happened to her.


Anya Hypercube is bisexual.