Archimedes Von Ahnerabe was a notable cyborg from the 10,000 Dawns who was good friends with Graelyn Scythes. Working for Dawn, he sometimes left his home multiverse to visit the Whoniverse.


Born on Ahnerabe Station, Archimedes grew up believing that humanity had largely died on Earth, and the inhabitants of the Station were the only hope for humanity as the handful of humans left on Earth died off. This was a lie by Manuel Salzar (Dawn 2) to keep the occupants of the Station docile. Unfortunately, this didn't work, as a civil war broke out on the station leaving Arch and his family the only survivors. A group of Rimwards fleeing Olympia discovered the station, and their attempts to profit off their find resulted in their own deaths, and the deaths of Arch's mother, father, and sister.

Arch went to Earth, where he quickly discovered that everything he'd been told was a lie, and was hunted down by Ares before being knocked into the ocean where he was discovered by Graelyn Scythes at Project Atlantis. The pair went on a series of journeys through alternate realities together, before deciding to join Dawn. Arch now resides on Spiral. Archimedes and Graelyn Scythes once went on a mission for Dawn to a moon chasing something and Archimedes was taken, leading Graelyn to rescue him from the past by infiltrating a World War II special operations mission. On another occasion, Arch and Graelyn travelled with Aesculapius for a time. (PROSE: White Canvas)

When the factions of the 10,000 Dawns began fighting over the Book of Books, Archimedes and Graelyn befriended Rachel Edwards and prevented the Book from being taken by anyone. (PROSE: Rachel Survived)

Arch was turned to fiction during Auteur's attack on the 10,000 Dawns. (PROSE: White Canvas)

Behind the scenes

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