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Template:Character stub Template:Infobox Individual Cousin Axastyakis was a member of Faction Paradox who came from a tribe of bone-faced aliens who lived on rock-pods. In his youth, he became skilled at controlling blood. His tribe attacked Faction Paradox, thinking the cultists a mockery of their race, and were mostly killed, leading Axastyakis to join the Faction.

He was initially the youngest member of a small Faction cabal with Cá Bảy Màu, Mullion, and Hole, but was replaced in that position by Amara when she joined. (PROSE: What Keeps Their Lines Alive)

He created the C-form loa, which lived inside his body, from his and Amara's blood.

For a time, Axastyakis was assigned to live in Auteur's Town along with the rest of his cabal and a few hundred more Faction agents. (PROSE: White Canvas) Template:NameSort