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Aya Rodriguez was a scavenger on the Magellan. She and her twin sister Ana Rodriguez became scavengers at a young age after their parents died. Aya was partially raised by Hickory Mallory and has an on-again-off-again relationship with Josie. She later took up bounty hunting.


Aya and Ana were scavenging in a structurally weak section of the Magellan when an unauthorized spaceship docking caused part of the floor to give out (Rigged Game). Aya was unable to save Ana from falling to her death.

She later encountered Ze Lee and stole her safety harness, using it to retrieve Ana's corpse from an abandoned cargo hold. Unbeknownst to Aya, the cargo hold was being used by the Vigilance to store a shipment of slaves. Soon after, she found herself being pursued by a Man in Black.

The Man in Black later tracked Aya and Ze to Ze's apartment and attacked them. The two survived the attempt and fled to Mallory's bar. The Man in Black followed them there and proceeded to attack Ze, Aya, and Josie, breaking Aya's arm and attempting to strangle Josie. Mallory then arrived and shot the Man in Black in the head, killing them.

Aya then made arrangements for Ana's funeral.

Several months after the events of Rigged Game, Aya took up bounty hunting with Josie as her partner (No Holidays, Please). Their first job involved tracking down Lady Aesculapius and Blanche Combine. Aya and Josie then interrupted a meeting between the pair and a trio of Men in Black. Lady Aesculapius offered them a ride off the Magellan in her Factory of Crystal as a reward, with Aya choosing to go to Mars.