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Blanche Combine is an alternate version of Graelyn Scythes, teamed up with an alternate Archimedes named Apollonius, who was a member of Dusk. Blanche would have grown up to found the organization, until Archimedes Von Ahnerabe convinced her to take a different course in life, causing Dusk as she knew it to never have existed. Her alternate Arch decided to go off on his own. As a member of Dusk, Blanche committed several murders, and attempted to assassinate Richard Nixon and the King of Abyssinia but was thwarted both times. Luckily, all of her murders were retroactively prevented from having happened, but she still felt guilt over them.

Graelyn and Arch linked Blanche up with Lady Aesculapius, who took her on a journey to redeem herself. On this journey, she tried to apologize to Nixon, but he refused the apology.

Like most alternate Graelyns, Blanche was born in Moscow, but spent part of her formative years in Annapolis.

Blanche first appeared in the Dusk Cycle.