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Breaking the Narrative was the second story in the 2020 Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns April Fools' Day event. It was written by James Hornby.


It's a fine evening in Brightstone Farm as Uncle prepares to cook Redacted Pinorva his favorite meal to congratulate the boy for foiling the Xiz invasion and repairing Uncle's tractor — even if Uncle appears to have forgotten what Redacted's favorite meal is.

However, this is the time the Tourist and her friends choose to interfere in the affairs of this world; materialising inside the (locked) barn, they are forced to blast their way out using a Zolar ray gun. They soon burst into the family dinner of two, and explain that like Uncle and Redacted, they have been “neglected by their creator”. Upset that the Tourist's party have disrupted the narrative, and thereby the time-loop, Uncle reveals the truth to Redacted: he is in fact Redacted's future self, come back thousands of years into the future to mentor his younger self and ensure his survival through a war fated to destroy the rest of their people.

The Tourist soon announces her intent to destroy Uncle and Redacted's reality as a ploy to get their creator's attention. Pathway tries to object, not having expected this level of destruction, but the Tourist brushes her off and sets the mechanism running. The five adventurers watch as hell begins to break loose, spaceships crashing from the heavens, before departing as the world ends.





Behind the scenes

The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover! was released on April the 1st, 2020 for free on the James Wylder, Writer website. It was based on an original fiction project developed and abandoned by James Hornby.