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The Centro Military is the most powerful armed force in the Prime Universe, a branch of Centro Systems, and the only remaining vestige of Earth's pre-corporate governments. Soldiers in it are given Tech-Pads.


Shiori Nakatomi, upon founding Centro Systems, thought to disband Earth's militaries and start fresh in order to make sure she had full control over them, but when Grigori Tarkanovsky started the Tarkanovsky Revolution, Shiori was forced to cut a deal with the world's military leaders.

Commanders from the world's most powerful militaries banded together to conduct the negotiations, and then formed the Military Council which has overseen the military ever since. The new Centro Military defeated the Revolution's Earth Liberation Army, who had previously been winning overwhelming victories, with quick crushing defeats. The military secured the capture of Tarkanovsky, and executed him, ending the revolt.

This victory secured the military's place in Centro Systems, and put Shiori outside of the complete reformation of the world's power structure she'd imagined.

The Present

The Centro Military is divided up into three main branches:

The Centro Space Navy

The Centro Army

The Centro Homeguard

The Army and the Space Navy ironically both have a space navy, though the Space Navy's navy is much larger. The Army however mainly has fighter pilots, carriers, and troop transports, while the Navy has more battlecruisers, dreadnoughts, and and other direct space combat units, keeping a smaller more elite set of ground forces called the Centro Marines. The Army has more a much larger set of ground forces.

The Centro Homeguard are units that do not leave the place they are located, and can comprise a land army, a navy, and an airforce. Earth's is simply referred to as "The Homeguard" while other places use that places name in front, I,E, "The Venusian Homeguard."

The Cento Space Navy's success in taking over the moon of Titania from the Vigilance using only Cornelia Carthage's Centro Marines has become an embarrassment or a grudge, depending on who you ask. This has left the Army zealous for a new chance to prove themselves.

Shiori Nakatomi, until her retirement, expressed regret that the Army and the Navy were "wastefully" two separate groups that performed the same functions.


The Centro Military has many uniforms, but they are most known for their long "Centro blue" dress coats that have become the symbol of the organization.

Many Army units and commanders wear green coats in defiance of their Navy peers.