The Centro Sleeper Ship is the most common form of space travel in the 10,000 Dawns. Developed by Centro Systems at it's founding, back when travelers were still frozen and put to sleep for their trips across the solar system, the Sleeper was designed to be extremely sturdy, easy to repair, and adaptable. Every worst case scenario was imagined for the people who would be taking their journey asleep in the ships, and this careful engineering led to a final design so good that that while the tech inside it has been updated over the centuries, new models of the Sleeper look nearly identical to the ones that came out hundreds of years before. WeN-D AI's are often inside the main computers of Sleepers.

Sleepers can be found at every spaceport in the Solar System.

A Centro Sleeper called the Van Winkle was used during the trip to Triton that witnessed the 2227 Incident.

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