The 10,000 Dawns Wiki

Dawn is an interdimensional paramilitary group founded by Kinan Jans. Operating out of a pocket dimension known as Spiral, the group tries to change history in order to meet Kinan's objectives, and try to save as many people as possible who live in the 10,000 Dawns.

Dawn has many notable agents, including Graelyn Scythes and Archimedes Von Ahnerabe.

Dawn is divided up into three divisions that are overseen by Kinan Jans:

The Artemis Corps This group is the military might of Dawn. When a mission requires violence, this is who you go to. This is the group that goes out and fights directly on different worlds, or organizes other direct action. It is run by Backgammon Jenny.

The Apollo Corps This is the group that seeks to disrupt worlds through subtler means. The Apollo Corps is more about causing changes through creating situations that Dawn can play to its advantage than engaging in conflict. It is run by The Silent.

Graelyn and Archimedes are members of the Apollo Corp,

The Hermes Corps This group acquires (and often steals) technology and equipment from different universe for use by Dawn. They also do their own R&D, as well as doing interuniversal archaeology and cataloging. The Hermes Corp keeps a large workshop, museum, and library on Spiral for their use and pleasure. It is run by Lametrius.