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Donovan MacLeod lives in the Prime Universe, in London. He was born in 2452 and raised in a lower-income suburb, and at the age of 18 he entered the Centro Military to try to make a name for himself. He was sent to Mars to defend Centro's interests there during the Martian Revolution, and during that time, became disillusioned with the idea of corporate control. When he returned home, he joined together with a group of his friends to create the Working Class Heroes.

As a founding member, Donovan took a leadership role and became the public spokesman for the Working Class Heroes. He advocated nonviolence and organized several protests against Centro on Earth. Under his leadership, the Working Class Heroes gained tens of thousands of members and its influence expanded beyond just the city of London.

Relationships and Family

Donovan is bisexual and polyamorous. During the war, he developed a relationship with Nathan Solano. After returning home, he also began dating Lucia Odegaard. He eventually married Lucy and they had a daughter, Alice MacLeod.