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The Faction Paradox series is a standalone collection of audio, prose, and comic stories set in and around the War in Heaven and the titular Faction, both of which were introduced in Lawrence Mules' 1997 Eighth Doctor novel Alien Bodies. The series has officially crossed over with 10,000 Dawns and Lady Aesculapius on several occasions, with various characters travelling between the 10,000 Dawns and the Totality.


A terrible War in Heaven rages across Time for the control of History. On one side are the Great Houses, creators and curators of History as we know it; they are Elementals of Time, almost unknowable, yet petty and paranoid in their own ways. Opposite them is the Enemy, of which the less said the better. But others are caught in the web of the Time War, across Time and Space — starting with Faction Paradox, a tackily gothic voodoo-cult of time travellers who worship Grandfather Paradox and seek to bring about temporal chaos for the fun of it. …Or they used to, at any rate, until the War started looking to the higher-ups like a prime opportunity to seize greater power over the Universe than ever before, if only they play their cards right…


A complete list of official Faction Paradox stories may be found on Tardis Wiki. This list only includes the stories which have crossed over with 10,000 Dawns.

Title Author Release date
Rachel Survived James Wylder December the 8th, 2017
White Canvas James Wylder December the 25th, 2018
The Gendar Conspiracy James Wylder March the 5th, 2019

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