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Gendar was a desert planet that was the 17th most interesting archaeological site in the Totality because of the impossibility of its native life, particularly the Gendar. It had three suns. (PROSE: The Gendar Conspiracy)


In an era before the fall of the Vo'lach (PROSE: The Gendar Conspiracy) in 10,000,000 BC, (PROSE: Ghost Devices) Auteur came to Gendar with Gideon and Virtuoso and established Gendar society as a "billion year con-job" (PROSE: The Gendar Conspiracy) to seed artificial prophecies in ancient history to be found in the future and contribute to Auteur's masterplan to bring the Peace. (PROSE: White Canvas) Under their gods' guidance, the Gendar built a metropolis and the Statue of the Goddess. Auteur and Gideon left, but Virtuoso remained among the Gendar as the governor of Gendar's planetary government, the Historic Preservation Society. Gendar's early history would be obscured, recorded only in fossils and documents hidden in the Statue of the Goddess. (PROSE: The Gendar Conspiracy)

As time passed, several major cities other than the metropolis were built on Gendar. (PROSE: White Canvas) The wider universe became aware of Gendar and its life, and the planet came to be swarming with archaeologists, anthropologist, and other scientists. Three major schools of thought emerged: that Gendar life had a normal explanation, that the whole planet wasn't real, and that aliens were to blame. 14 universities banned discussion on the planet, and 28 denied its existence altogether. The Gendar Is Fake Trust asserted Gendar was an interactive hologram.

Gendar was at one point invaded by "that empire of cyborg thingies". (PROSE: The Gendar Conspiracy)

Members of the Original Mammoths came to Gendar's Statue of the Goddess and discovered a prophecy saying they were threatened by the 10,000 Dawns. (PROSE: White Canvas) Shortly afterwards, Littlejohn and the Arbiter of Knives came to Gendar investigating a trail of murders leading from Vo'lach Prime and discovered together the true origin of Gendar life. They allowed Virtuoso to continue governing the planet. (PROSE: The Gendar Conspiracy) Littlejohn remained to investigate the inside of the Statue of the Goddess. Fleeing the Mammoths' attack on the Dawns, Graelyn Scythes, Archimedes Von Ahnerabe, and Aesculapius met with Littlejohn and Aesc helped translate a prophecy concerning the Hollow Childe. (PROSE: White Canvas)