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The Gendar (PROSE: White Canvas) were a species whose existence was infamously impossible due to the harsh nature of their homeplanet Gendar. They were humanoid with purple hair and eyes. (PROSE: The Gendar Conspiracy) Gendar wore long layered garments and goggles on their foreheads. (PROSE: White Canvas)

The Gendar and their society were engineered as a "billion year con-job" by Auteur, Gideon, and Virtuoso (PROSE: The Gendar Conspiracy) to seed artificial prophecies in ancient history to be found in the future and contribute to Auteur's masterplan to bring the Peace using the 10,000 Dawns. (PROSE: White Canvas) The trio were gods to the Gendar, and the massive Statue of the Goddess was built in Auteur's likeness using technology that shouldn't have been capable of doing so. The Gendar were left by two of their Gods, but Virtuoso remained among the Gendar as the governor of their planetary government, the Historic Preservation Society. (PROSE: The Gendar Conspiracy)

By a later era, Gendar settlements included a metropolis and several major cities. The Gendar helped Littlejohn investigate prophecies hidden in the Statue of the Goddess, with some of them greeting Graelyn Scythes, Archimedes Von Ahnerabe, and Aesculapius when they arrived to meet with Littlejohn. (PROSE: White Canvas)