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Dawn 5's Graelyn Scythes became an agent of Dawn and good friends with Archimedes Von Ahnerabe. She owns a cat named Mister Sprinkles and used to travel with Lady Aesculapius alongside “Arch”. Graelyn's main difference with her Prime Universe counterpart is that she is in fact a good person.


Scythes grew up in an abusive household in the late 25th century Moscow of her universe. She cherished a cat named Mr. Sprinkles (PROSE: 10,000 Dawns) and loved the book Head of State. (Rachel Survived) After leaving Moscow, Graelyn lived in Project Atlantis for a time. After meeting Archimedes Von Ahnerabe and beginning to work for Dawn, she and Archimedes once went on a mission to a moon chasing something and Archimedes was taken, leading Graelyn to rescue him from the past by infiltrating a World War II special operations mission. (PROSE: 10,000 Dawns)

Graelyn and Arch also travelled with Lady Aesculapius for a time. (PROSE: Never Go On Walks)

When the factions of the 10,000 Dawns began fighting over the Book of Books, Graelyn and Archimedes befriended Rachel Edwards and prevented the Book from being taken by anyone. (PROSE: Rachel Survived)

Graelyn later became a central figure in the masterplan of Auteur, being deaged into a baby and raised anew by the Twelfth Auteur until she realised the truth, rebelled, and managed to undo the damage Auteur had done to the 10,000 Dawns. (PROSE: White Canvas)

Behind the scenes

Graelyn is a major recurring character in 10,000 Dawns, having been the protagonist of 10,000 Dawns. Like Aesc and Arch, she first appeared in the short story Never Go On Walks printed as an extra feature in An Eloquence of Time and Space.

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