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Jade Darkshadow, née Alexandrov, is an operative of the Index. She is a skilled liar and diplomat, and a known sociopath. Her preferred business is the information trade: she learned at a young age that secrets are the most valuable currency a person can have, and she became determined to gather as many of them as possible with no concern for the havoc she left in her wake. With this in mind, her primary goal is to become the most powerful person in the known universe.

Some of Jade's story has been published in Poor Man's Iliad.

Childhood and Adolescence

Jade was born on Mimas, a moon of Saturn, to a refugee couple from Earth. At the age of eight, she ran away from home with her brother, Ivan, and together they started Gang Darkshadow, a gang of street children who carried out petty thefts and other minor crimes. Four years later, at age twelve, she moved her gang to the much larger moon of Titan in an attempt to conquer more territory. This turned out to be a mistake, since her brother was killed during a street battle there, launching Jade on a decade-long search for revenge.


While on her revenge quest, Jade infiltrated several Rimward gangs and learned the secrets about their inner workings. Eventually, she sold these secrets to the Index in return for employment. Jade became a spy and information broker for the Index, and worked for them for several years. She worked diligently, but she had ulterior motives all along: to get closer to the Index's shadowy leader, the Librarian, in order to learn their secrets and eventually replace them at the head of the gang.

Controlling the Index became Step One in her master plan for gaining ultimate power.


Jade has left many broken hearts and betrayed ex-lovers in her wake over the years. One of these is Michelangelo Hypercube, with whom she had a daughter, Anya.