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James Wylder was, in one reality visited by the Tourist, a writer and “hack”.


After escaping the 10,000 Drafts, the Tourist visited a universe where the whole of the 10,000 Dawns was only a fiction created by this Mr Wylder, whom she spitefully described as “a talentless hack who managed to get a bunch of actually talented people to team up with him to make some stories, and read them”.

While in high school, Wylder had developed the setting as that of a roleplaying game and created the fictional character of Pathway, but later abandoned the project in favour of a novel simply called 10,000 Dawns. The protagonist was initially supposed to be Miranda, going up against the Gods, but Mr Wylder changed his mind and made her a minor character associated with Jonathan Vice.

In the final draft, the main character was Graelyn Scythes, the Gods had become the Elders and finally the Firmament, and the Tourist had been replaced with the much more colourful Lady Aesculapius. (PROSE: The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!)

The Tourist later claimed that her purpose in rampaging throughout the 10,000 Dawns and causing chaos was to attract the attention of “her creator”, who had “scrapped” her, Miranda and Pathway. (PROSE: Breaking the Narrative)

Behind the scenes

The clear implication is that the Tourist visited the real world, or something very like it, with this James Wylder being a self-deprecating in-universe cameo of the real James Wylder.

Notes & References

  1. Is referred to as “Mr Wylder”.