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Johanna Engel is from the Prime Universe. She was born in Munich, on Earth, and assigned male at birth. When she was a teenager, she told her parents that she was a trans woman, that she wanted to change her name to Johanna, and that she wanted to physically transition. Her parents did not allow this, so when she turned 18 she left home and cut them out of her life entirely. She traveled for a while before settling down in London, which is where she met her future wife, Maura Flanagan.

When Maura went away to fight on Mars, Johanna stayed at home and got a job in a small flower shop in London. She soon became very well respected there because she cared for the flowers with such tenderness, and because she created a space where people could forget about their troubles for a little while. Students from the anti-war movement began frequenting her flower shop just to talk with Johanna and take some time to recover from the constant protests. She began offering them tea or lemonade, and soon began keeping a refrigerator stocked in the back for them. By the time the Martian Revolution was over, Johanna was known throughout the East End of London as someone you definitely wanted to know.

After the war, Johanna became friends with Donovan MacLeod and Nathan Solano, and Maura convinced her to help them found the activist group the Working Class Heroes. Johanna's role in the Working Class Heroes was not much different from her role in the flower shop: she made sure everyone was getting what they needed, provided food and water to the protesters, and encouraged the other organizers to keep it peaceful. She became known as the "mom friend" of the Working Class Heroes.

Relationships and Family

Johanna is a lesbian, and is in a dedicated monogamous relationship with her wife, Maura Flanagan. They have three kids together: Michael, the oldest, Nessa, the middle child, and Charlie, the youngest.