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Josie was a shop assistant on the Magellan. She worked in Hickory Mallory's bar and has an on-again-off-again relationship with Aya Rodriguez. She later took up bounty hunting.


Josie worked for Hickory Mallory as a barmaid and shop assistant (Rigged Game). She was a close friend of the Rodriguez twins and helped Aya make arrangements for Ana's funeral. She also became friends with Ze Lee.

Josie was present in the bar when a Man in Black attacked her, Aya, and Ze, attempting to strangle her and breaking Aya's arm. Mallory then arrived and shot the Man in Black in the head, killing them.

Several months after the events of Rigged Game, Josie took up bounty hunting with Aya as her partner (No Holidays, Please). Their first job involved tracking down Lady Aesculapius and Blanche Combine. Aya and Josie then interrupted a meeting between the pair and a trio of Men in Black. Lady Aesculapius offered them a ride off the Magellan in her Factory of Crystal as a reward, with Aya choosing to go to Mars. Josie decided to go with her.