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Judicators were a line of robots was built by Talinata Softworks in Dawn 3 before its dissolution by Centro Systems.


Notable models were the legal model, meant to act as a trial judge, and the referee model, which was given two extra arms but was otherwise identical to the legal model. The referee model was introduced after the legal model was banned from use in courts for being too fair: letting off petty criminals with slaps on the wrist, and enforcing harsh sentences on powerful men guilty of heinous crimes.


In Songbird's Dawn (Dawn 3), the one and only Judicator was dismissed from usage when it condemned the entire Centro Board of DIrectors, but was was latertaken out of the Talinata ruins in New Jersey by Alice "Songbird" MacLeod, Chantelle, Jack O'Connor, Ren Yi, Shona Davis, and Trevon Lafayette to act as the trial judge for the World Revolutionary Council's prosecution of Graelyn Scythes. (PROSE: 10,000 Dawns)

During their invasion of the 10,000 Dawns, the Collective of the Retconning Crocodiles acquired the Judicator and tried to have him try the Tourist. However, she and her companions cheated him by going back in Time and adding laws to all the Dawns' legal records saying they should be let go of under any circumstances. Thus, the Judicator acquitted the defendant and the Crocodiles' scheme was foiled. Their interference with the Dawns was later annulled by the Firmament. (PROSE: Remembrance of the Judicator)

A referee model named Cicero was left onboard Olympic Station after it was abandoned after the Olympics there, and later went on to be a major part of running the Oympia government on Titan. (SOURCE NEEDED)