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Lady Aesculapius, whose first series was released in 2019, is defined by its creators as a “serial short-fiction project” that mimics the release schedule and format of a weekly TV series. A spin-off of the 10,000 Dawns series, it focuses on the character of Lady Aesculapius, who in Series 1 travelled with her friend Jason Jackson. The first series was edited and supervised by Michael Robertson and James Wylder, with original art by Anne-Laure Tuduri.

Audio versions of the Series 1 stories were also released by the Southgate Media Group.

Publisher's summary

Lady Aesculapius Series 1 is a new scifi adventure in the 10,000 Dawns: a new short story serial!

Join the bohemian adventurer Lady Aesc as she travels through alternate realities with her friend Jason Jackson, encountering new foes, making new pals, kissing new aliens, and facing a threat like nothing she's ever encountered before…


Episode Title Author(s) Season Editor(s)
S1E0 From Dusk Till Dog James Wylder Series 1 Michael Robertson
& James Wylder
S1E1 Jason and the Astronauts Michael Robertson
S1E2 Mortal Gods James Wylder
S1E3 Self Refraction Laine Ferio
S1E4 The Deadly Holiday of Doom Michael Robertson,
Simon Bucher-Jones,
Tycho McPhee Letts,
Genevieve Clovis,
Nate Bumber,
Tim Sutton,
Elizabeth Tock,
James Wylder
S1E5 Life After Death Michael Robertson
S1E6 Sixty-Thousand Bedtime Stories Tori Das
S1E7 Registered Clawmarks[1] Sam Maleski
S1E8 Another Chosen One James Wylder
S1E9 We Were Summoned Charles Whitt
S1E10 We Believe What's On TV Rachel Johnson
S1E11 The Keepers of Time

Evan Forman
Michael Robertson

S1E12 The Great Cosmic Bake-Off James Wylder
S1E13 The Utopia Dimension​​​​​ Michael Robertson
S1E14 Catching Frostbite Michael Robertson
James Wylder
N/A Crash Boom Bang James Wylder N/A


  1. Following unsavoury revelations about the author of this story, it was officially “decanonised” and is slated to be replaced with a newly-written Episode 7 in future editions of Lady Aesculapius Series 1, written by Aidan Mason and Dillon O'Hara.

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