This is a list of Dawns, or universes, that are part of or have interacted with the 10,000 Dawns



Name Summary From
Dawn 0 The Prime Universe of which the other Dawns are variations. 10,000 Dawns
Dawn 1 The Citlal/Faceless Dawn.
Dawn 5 Graelyn's Dawn. 10,000 Dawns
Dawn 6 Songbird's Dawn. 10,000 Dawns
Dawn 42 The Great Assimilation's Dawn. 10,000 Dawns
Dawn 789 Once visited by Pathway on the trail of the Numbered Remembrance
of the Judicator
Dawn 3337 The post-apocalyptic Dawn of another Graelyn.

Universes outside the 10,000 Dawns

  • The Totality is the name used in the Dawns for the Whoniverse, or Spiral Politic. Residents of the 10,000 Dawns have interacted with denizens from the universe of Doctor Who and its spin offs, which exist as works of fiction within the Dawns.
  • The “10,000 Drafts“, or simply the Drafts, are half-formed worlds rejected from the final form of the 10,000 Dawns but which retain some form of existence near them. The Tourist, Pathway and Miranda eventually managed to escape the Drafts and enter the mainstream Dawns.
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