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Lucia Odegaard MacLeod, born Lucia Odegaard and often called "Lucy" by her friends, is a resident of the Prime Universe. She was born in 2453 in Oslo, in what used to be the country of Norway when there were national borders on Earth.

As a teenager, Lucy became very disillusioned with the way Centro Systems was running things on Earth, and she began actively searching for any group that would make her feel like she was helping to change the world in some meaningful way. She joined a group of anarchists in Oslo, which engaged in militant disruptions of Centro's projects, and she got her brother Thorstein "Thor" Odegaard involved as well. However, when a protest turned violent and her younger sister Astrid was killed by the police, Lucy dropped out of school and left Oslo full of rage and grief, leaving behind everyone she knew.

She moved to London and built herself a new life, but soon got caught up in the anti-Centro movement again. The idea of a war with Mars enraged her, and she threw herself into the anti-war movement. In 2472, she helped form the Working Class Heroes, and became a dedicated activist and protest leader, doing a wide variety of actions from marches to sit-ins to social media campaigns. This movement is how she eventually grew closer to Donovan MacLeod.

Relationships and Family

Lucy is in a relationship with Donovan MacLeod, as well as with his partner, Nathan Solano. In 2481, she married Donovan, and in 2482, she gave birth to a daughter, Alice MacLeod. Donovan and Nathan both helped her raise Alice, and she made sure her daughter knew the truth about Centro.