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The Men in Black are a genetically modified hivemind group of supersoldiers and spies who provide their services to the highest bidder. They were created by by Dr. Aldair sometime around 2465.


The Men in Black take their name from an old Earth organization. A single indiviudal has all of their body replaced with nanite technology, save for their brain, which is left intact and uploaded into a collective network. This process may be preformed with or without the indiviudal's consent. They have the ability to reshape their bodies at will.

A Man in Black had an encounter with Hickory Mallory twenty years in her past, and therefore twenty years before their creation, due to a time travel incident (Rigged Game).

A Man in Black worked with the Vigilance and Maximus Ruthridge to smugle slaves onboard the Magellan. They were later killed by Mallory (Rigged Game).

A trio of Men in Black set up a meeting with Lady Aesculapius and Blanche Combine on the Magellan in an attempt to seize posession of Lady Aesculapius' Factory of Crystal. The meeting was then interrupted byAya Rodriguez and Josie, and the four fled in the Factory (No Holidays, Please).


Each Man in Black shares the same physical appearance, as they dress in black suits and hooded black cloaks. A mask is worn to protect their one weak spot. This mask is ocassionally decorated by a Man in Black who still retains some of their individuality.