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The Martian Democratic Republic, or Geru Ghara, is the government of the planet Mars . .


The Martian Government is organized into four branches:

The Executive Branch: The executive branch is made up of the President, Vice President, and cabinet. It is housed in the Presidential Palace.

The President is the head of state, and is in charge of all other members of the Executive Branch. They have joint power over The Martian Military with Congress over military decisions. The President guides planetary and interplanetary policy, and has tie-breaking power between conflicts between other branches of the Martian Government.

The Vice President is the Executive Branch's point of contact with the Mayors and Council's of Mars' MegaCities .The Vice President has the power to break a tie vote in congress, and in any MegaCity council vote. Their main job is to handle much of the day-to-day domestic policy.

Congress: The Martian Congress is a Unicameral body that meets in the Hall of Unity . The main legislative body of the Martain government. Congress writes legislation and passes laws.

The Judiciary:The Judiciary is a tiered court system, with a Supreme Court at it's top. They enforce laws, and can block actions by other branches that defy the law.

The Martian Military: The final branch of Government is the Martian Military, who are subject to oversight from the other three branches. This branch oversees the Martian Space Navy, Martian Homeguard, and Martian Army.


Other than the planet Mars, the Martian Democratic Republic controls Martian moons of Deimos and Phobos, as well as the moon of Io around Jupiter, and several asteroids.