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Maura Flanagan is from Dublin on Earth in the Prime Universe. As a young girl, she was always fiercely independent and adventurous, and when she came of age at 18, she left home with a plan for backpacking around the planet Earth. She spent a few years traveling like this, paying her way by taking jobs as they came, but her trip was cut short when she got arrested for punching a Centro Systems police officer. She was given a choice between prison time or serving in the Centro Military as punishment, and she chose the military. In 2470, Centro sent her to Mars to help defend their interests in the Martian Revolution.

Maura thought the war was unjust from the start, but she kept her head down and focused on keeping the people around her alive. When young private Donovan MacLeod was transferred into her unit, she joined in his mutiny and became close friends with him and Nathan Solano. As soon as the war was over, she returned to Earth alongside her new friends and helped them found the Working Class Heroes, an activist group focusing on challenging Centro's rule of Earth. She became indispensable to the movement, and helped Nathan train young activists in protest tactics. She also ran self-defense workshops for those who were most likely to be targeted by police. Her name is on the Wanted lists in several Centro police precincts.

Relationships and Family

Maura is pansexual, and is in a dedicated monogamous relationship with her wife, Johanna Engel. In 2481, she gave birth to Michael, her first of three children with Johanna. Her second child, Nessa, was born in 2483, and her third, Charlie, came along in 2489.