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Memnor was the head of the Great Assimilation 's information gathering division, and part of their invasion of the Prime Universe . Memnor served the Council and the Three Emperors , but had their own agenda. 

Memnor tried to track down Jhe Sang Ki in order to steal his memories, and find how he'd merged his mind with that of Jade Darkshadow , but eventually shifted to trying to find his son, Jhe Aladdin . Memnor was defeated by Aladdin and his friends Aegenor Valor , Anya Hypercube , and Backgammon Jenny . Memnor took over the body of Aegenor briefly, before being killed by Backgammon Jenny.

Memnor's defeat led to Chess Mistress Hex gaining intelligence that allowed her to wipe out the Great Assimilation's ivasion fleet by spacing all of the ship's crews using a failsafe.


Death and Doubling Cubes