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Miranda was a human dimension-traveller in one of the 10,000 Drafts. After fellow Drafts-inhabitant the Tourist her reality was an “unfinished universe” and escaped in the Black Pyramid, carving out a new place for her, she also broke out Miranda and Pathway, who, with their new friends Ashlyn Oswin and Shona, departed for more adventures inside the 10,000 Dawns. She was a “draft” of the individual Miranda Vice who existed inside the finished Dawns.

Character Overview


Miranda was an enthusiastic, colourful, bouncing sort of adventurer, and, when she got started, a veritable fountain of snark. She described herself as “queer”. (PROSE: The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!)

Physical appearance

The Tourist was a young woman with black, nearly purple hair and pinkish eyes. She wore colourful and artfully-mismatched clothes, including a blue jean jacket covered in pins of various colours and sizes. (PROSE: The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!)


Miranda could created portals to wherever she wished using magical spray paint, painting magical symbols onto walls and other surfaces through which she could then hope. Equally noteworthy, though less supernatural, was her habit of rollerblading wherever she went. (PROSE: The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!) She was taught to play the electric guitar by the Resident, prior to which event she could not, by her own admission, play any musical instruments. (PROSE: The Leader of the Band)



Inside her own universe, Miranda was “the hero of her own story”, working to defeat the Gods and Zeus. She was part of something called “the cult” alongside a certain “John”. However, as the Tourist explained to her, she was only an early draft in an unfinished universe, a counterpart for whom existed in the finished Dawns as an associate of Johnathan Vice (PROSE: The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!) and member of Dawn, Miranda Vice. (PROSE: 10,000 Dawns)

Recruited into the Forgotten Heroines

The Tourist, who had broken out of the 10,000 Drafts, returned there with a plan, helping two other “unfinished” individuals, Miranda and Pathway, escape. She transported them to Dawn 5, where they met up with Ashlyn Oswin, and also created a portal which led Shona to the same place. Explaining the situation to them, the Tourist unveiled her plan to rampage across the 10,000 Dawns and broadcast the results from the View, so that the five of them would be “forgotten” no more. The four other Forgotten Heroines enthusiastically agreed. (PROSE: The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!)


Alongside the four other Forgotten Heroines, Miranda spread chaos throughout the 10,000 Dawns and their attendant Drafts. When they visited Redacted Pinorva's reality, Miranda began to aggressively repaint and redecorate Brightstone Farm before the Tourist enacted a much more permanent scheme. (PROSE: Breaking the Narrative)

After spending quite a lot of time going round and round the catwalk of the Black Pyramid's central control room on her rollerskates, she participated in the Tourist's scheme to gain attention by winning a “battle of the bands” at the View, playing the electric guitar. She was subsequently left at a convenience store with Shona and Pathway by the Tourist after the Resident restored her darkness. (PROSE: The Leader of the Band)

Behind the scenes

As the character is herself aware thanks to her metafictional qualities within The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns, this Miranda is an early draft of Miranda Vice who was originally intended to be the main protagonist of the original 10,000 Dawns novel.

In the original series bible for The Forgotten Heroines, James Wylder noted that in another draft, this same Miranda's storyline involved her fighting the Numbered on behalf of the Infinite, similar to Pathway.