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Template:Character stub Template:Infobox Individual Cousin Mullion was a member of Faction Paradox who failed to attain the rank of "Mother" despite being a Homeworlder. She wore traditional armour made from Yssgaroth-tainted bones of Homeworlders from an alternative timeline. Her shadow-weapon was a flatbow and arrow.

Mullion claimed to have joined the Faction before the start of the War in Heaven. As a Cousin, she fought "the sick Shed Scales alongside runagates and aconites" and lived through the fall of the Eleven-Day Empire and the drafting of the false Venue Accords. She eventually became part of a small Faction cabal with Amara, Axastyakis, Cá Bảy Màu, and Hole. (PROSE: What Keeps Their Lines Alive)

For a time, Mullion was assigned to live in Auteur's Town along with the rest of her cabal and a few hundred more Faction agents. (PROSE: White Canvas)

To prove herself, Mullion went on a personal crusade to murder all her past and future selves. Mullion got distracted at one point in this crusade and was almost killed by a Nambiro, but was saved by Amara's presence. (PROSE: What Keeps Their Lines Alive)