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Nathan Solano is a resident of the Prime Universe. He was born on Earth in the year 2450 and given up for adoption by his birth mother. In 2452, he was adopted by a Centro Military veteran, Captain Salvador Solano, and his husband, Carlos Duarte. Because one of his adoptive fathers was in the army, Nathan was inspired to join the army himself when he turned 18, and he did so just in time for the Martian Revolution, where he fought on Centro's side against the revolutionaries.

During the Revolution, Nathan realized that Centro was not the right side for him to be on. He was inspired by Donovan MacLeod, and soon joined with him in opposing Centro's brutality. They led a mutiny together, and when they returned to Earth, they helped form the Working Class Heroes to continue the fight against Centro. Nathan was persuaded into taking a leadership role in the group alongside Donovan, and together, they helped guide the Working Class Heroes to become a formidable group of trained activists. They laid the groundwork for the much larger revolution that was to come.


Nathan is polyamorous, and is in a relationship with both Donovan MacLeod and Lucia Odegaard MacLeod.