Pauline Lamarque is a resident of the Prime Universe. She was born in Paris and lives in London, on Earth. She moved to London to attend the Nakatomi Institute of Business and Technology, a prestigious university which was founded and run by Centro Systems.

While Pauline was at school, the War for Mars took place, and as a result, many of her classes were interrupted by anti-war protesters on her campus. She joined the movement herself when her friend Nathan Solano returned from Mars telling tales of a mutiny and of Centro's war crimes. Together with Nathan and five other friends, Pauline helped create the Working Class Heroes, an activist group focusing on fighting Centro's supremacy at home.

Pauline took an anonymous role in the Working Class Heroes, opting to manage their website and social media presence and stay out of the limelight. Her reason for this was that she was in business school, and she was trying to get a job inside Centro Systems so she could try to change them from the inside. She knew that if her name was associated with a group like the Working Class Heroes, she would never be allowed the kind of access inside Centro that she wanted. Contributing to Working Class Heroes projects behind the scenes was the perfect compromise, a setup which served her well for many years.

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