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Poor Man's Iliad is a 10,000 Dawns Anthology edited by James Wylder, along with associate editors Genevieve Clovis, Evan Forman, Michael Robertson, and Jo Smiley.

It featured stories from sixteen writers: Trevor Allen, Eric R. Asher, Simon Bucher-Jones, Kevin Burnard, Nathan P. Butler, Evan Forman, Nicholas Scott Kory, Kylie Leane, Colby McClung, Michael Robertson, Jo Smiley, Sarah E Southern, Jordan Stout, Tim Sutton, Elizabeth Tock, and James Wylder.

Illustrations were by: Olivia Hinkle, Rachel Johnson, James Lacroix, Raen Ngu, Emrys Seren, and Annie Zhu.

It's notable for being the first 10,000 Dawns book to feature writers who have worked in other established properties like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Faction Paradox, and Marble Hornets.


Part 1: Good Days and Bad Days

A Novel by James Wylder

Prologue: A Night

Ch 1 Zhang Han’s Bad Days

Ch 2 Cornelia Carthage's Good Shake

Ch 3 Human Requisitions 

Ch 4 One Last Ride

Ch 5 Gully Guillotine’s Grand Tour

Ch 6 The Benefactor

Ch 7 Let’s Get Prepared!

Ch 8 A War Across the Stars

Ch 9 Two Asides

Ch 10 Violet Actions

Ch 11 The Brief Ballad of Sandy and Jenn

Ch 12 Watch it Burn

Ch 13 Aggressive Negotiations

Ch 14 Some Justice

Ch 15 Love and Liberation

Epilogue: A good Day

Part 2: Anthology

2 Prologue

by James Wylder

3 The Firmament

by James Wylder

4 Never Go On Walks

by James Wylder

5 The Rise of an Empire

by Jo Smiley

6 Cleansed by Fire

by Trevor Allen

7 The Taste of Reality

by James Wylder

8 Memories

by Colby McClung

9 The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy

by Evan Forman

10 Mud Nostalgia

by Evan Forman

11 Clash

by Jordan Stout

12 Infiltrators

by Eric R. Asher

13 Red Comet, Dark Star

by Sarah E Southern

14 Unpleasant Realities

by Nathan P. Butler

15 The Sheepmen

by James Wylder

16 Traitors, Pirates, and Thieves: Part 1: Innocence Shattered

by Jo Smiley

17 Late Fees

by James Wylder

18 The Rat King

by Tim Sutton

19 Clueruburos

by Simon Bucher-Jones

20 January, 2464

by James Wylder

21 Io’s Calves

by James Wylder

22 The Ballad of Celeste Roth: Part 1: Escape From Earth

by Elizabeth Tock

23 The Vote

by James Wylder

24 The Shot Seen Round the World

by Kevin Burnard

25 A Small Gambit

by James Wylder

26 The Mercury Puzzle

by James Wylder

27 High Times at the Black Hole Restaurant and Bar

by James Wylder

28 Horizons Lost

by Kylie Leane

29 The Shipyard of Death

by Michael Robertson

30 Body Language

by (redacted)

31 For a Price

by Elizabeth Tock

32 Liberation Day

by Nicholas Scott Kory

33 The Three Sisters

by James Wylder

34 The Odyssey 2 (in 5D Technicolor!)

By Michael Robertson


by James Wylder

36 The Ballad of Celeste Roth Part 2: Starshine and Comet Dust

by Elizabeth Tock

37 Election Day

by James Wylder

38 Cornelia Carthage Gets Scammed

by James Wylder

39 Stamp #6

by James Wylder

40 The Road to Hell is Paved with Legislation

by Nathan P. Butler

41 Shooting Stars Over Sunrise: Part 1: Sunrise

by James Wylder

42 All Those Important and Petty Gods

by James Wylder

43 Escape from Tarkanograd!

by James Wylder

44 Setting the Board

by James Wylder


This book contains a partial Prime Universe Timeline as an appendix.