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The Rim Wars were a series of conflicts between Centro Systems and various governments and groups in the Rimward Territories, many in the Outer Rim. The Centro Military attacked, besieged, and/or invaded the moons of Europa, Titania, and Titan, as well as attacking the abandoned extra-solar spaceship the Magellan.

The Rim Wars were largely a long string of defeats for the Centro Military, which weakened it's perception of military supremacy across the Sol System. Centro went through three head commanders over the course of the wars:

Admiral Melinda Talon led assaults on the Magellan, and on New Alexandra on Europe. Both assaults relied heavily on ground assaults by the Centro Army and Centro Marines, and were both dramatic failures resulting in heavy casualties. Talon was demoted after her failures, and Admiral Ng was given command.

Admiral Sandra Ng led an assault on Olympic Station over the moon of Titan. Ng believed that the Centro Space Navy should lead an assault that ignored the possibilities of civilian casualties and bombard any targets. Unfortunately for her, though fortunately for the civilians, this led her to lead an entire Centro fleet into trap where they suffered huge losses of ships and personnel, including Admiral Ng and the entire crew of her flagship the Bonaparte, and most of the upper level fleet command with the exception of Rear Admiral Charles Grayson. Negotiations for the safe exit of the remaining fleet was negotiated by Grayson and Sergeant Zhang Han who led a tactical team into Olympic Station and captured the Olympian Emperor.

Commodore Cornelia Carthage was given command of the final phase of the Rim Wars: the assault on the moon Titania held by the slaver group the Vigilance. Cornelia was young and inexperienced, and given the command with limited resources and the expectation that she would fail dramatically, buying time for Centro to create a new plan and build public sympathy for the continuation of the war. However, Carthage annihilated the Vigilance, with Major Zhang Han leading the ground operations.

The massive victory allowed Carthage to leverage her power to force the Index and Olympia into submitting to Centro rule. This surprise turnaround led to skyrocketing careers for both Carthage and Zhang, as well as twenty years of unquestioned Centro supremacy until the Martian Revolution.