Shiori Nakatomi is the founder, president and CEO of Centro Systems. She was born in 2152 in Tokyo, Japan, and became interested in global politics and corporate structures at an early age. In college, she studied political science, and in graduate school, she studied business management, leading her to write her thesis on a possible merging between the two worlds. Her dream was to use global capitalism to create a company that would monopolize the market and provide resources to the people without having to worry about competition from other companies.

In 2187, at the age of 35, she founded Centro Systems and immediately began putting her plan into action. First, she monopolized the communications industry, buying out other companies and establishing subsidiaries left and right, then she moved on to other markets one by one. When she thought she had a good handle on Earth, she expanded to Mars and began supplying the domed cities there with food, water, medicines, etc. all for a price. Her ambition would not be satisfied until she had a flourishing corporate empire, and that is exactly what she built: under her leadership, Centro was untouchable, and they became an economic and political force to be reckoned with across a good portion of the solar system.

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