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Shona Daniels of Dawn 6 participated in Songbird's revolution against the local Centro Systems and later joined the Tourist as a traveller around the multiverse.

Character Overview


Shona was a laid-back and friendly person. She joined Alice "Songbird" MacLeod's revolution not out of burning conviction but out of a vague sense of duty — a feeling that she should probably help out while she was there, lest she feel bad about it afterwards. She didn't have a lot of strong passions, but she did possess a strong sense of right and wrong, which was almost always right. She once acknowledged that like the other four Forgotten Heroines, she was “somewhere on the LBGTQ+ spectrum”, but did not elaborate. (PROSE: 10,000 Dawns)

Physical appearance

Shona was a woman with pale skin which blushed easily; she had short blonde hair and usually wore a red beret and a grey tarkovsky jacket. (PROSE: 10,000 Dawns, The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!)


Shona had an uncanny ability to pull food out of seemingly thin air to always be nibbling on something, or else sipping some drink or other. Though not overtly supernatural, this talent baffled even the Tourist. (PROSE: The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!) She could play the guitar to a professional level, albeit not necessarily remarkable. (PROSE: The Leader of the Band)


During the Revolution

Shona joined Alice "Songbird" MacLeod's revolution against Centro Systems in their own world out of general helpfulness. She was the guard tasked with keeping an eye on the captured Graelyn Scythes who was actually the friendly Dawn 5 version rather than the wicked local Director Scythes who had already been executed by the revolutionaries. She chatted briefly with Graelyn while she was in cell awaiting the trial that would determine whether she was or wasn't the original Dawn 6 Graelyn playing an elaborate trick on her would-be-killers.

She was stunned via staser by Manuel Salazar when he broke Graelyn out. After her recapture, Graelyn was escorted to the courtroom by Shona, acting more as a bodyguard protecting her from the crowd than as a guard preventing her from trying anything. She later gave a fond farewell to Graelyn and Archimedes Von Ahnerabe when they departed from Dawn 6 to join the Dawn organisation. (PROSE: 10,000 Dawns)

Joining the Tourist

Some time later, while out on a walk, Shona came across a portal to another dimension, and walked through with a shrug. She found herself in Dawn 5, where she had been transported by the Tourist, an escapee from the 10,000 Drafts. She met up with Ashlyn Oswin, Pathway, Miranda and the Tourist, with the latter explaining her plan to lead them on a grand, chaotic adventure through the 10,000 Dawns to get themselves noticed by the multiverse. The Tourist revealed to Shona that in the universe where 10,000 Dawns was merely a fictional franchise, Shona had been "done dirty", never reappearing in a major role past her appearance in the original novel despite her popularity with readers. Shona, as typical of her usual personality, decided to go along with the scheme and departed in the Black Pyramid with the other four “Forgotten Heroines”. (PROSE: The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!)

She played the guitar in the music contest at the View to which the Tourist dragged the Forgotten Heroines. Although the Heroines did well, they did get the chance to win the contest, as the Resident restored the Tourist's darkness, leading her to abandon Shona, Miranda and Pathway at a convenience store. (PROSE: The Leader of the Band)

Rampage through the Dawns

Alongside the four other Forgotten Heroines, Shona spread chaos throughout the 10,000 Dawns and their attendant Drafts, with Shona quickly wrapping her head around the metafictional nature of it all as they went about “disrupting narratives” such as Redacted Pinorva's. (PROSE: Breaking the Narrative)

Behind the scenes

Shona Daniels first appeared in Chapter 10 of the original 10,000 Dawns.