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Virgin New Adventures

  • The Death of Art
  • Ghost Devices

BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • The Taking of Planet 5 (with Mark Clapham)
  • Grimm Reality (with Kelly Hale)

Faction Paradox

  • The Book of the War (with many other authors, though it is known he contributed the most words besides the editor, Lawrence Miles)
  • The Brakespeare Voyage (with Jonathan Dennis)

Short stories

Short Trips

  • War Crimes (in Short Trips)
  • The Thousand Years of Christmas (in Short Trips: The History of Christmas)

Big Finish Bernice Summerfield

  • The Painting on the Stair (in Collected Works)

Iris Wildthyme

  • Riviera Shakedown (in Iris: Abroad)
  • Her and Allan (in Wildthyme in Purple)
  • Iris: Chess-Mistress of Mars (in Iris Wildthyme of Mars)

Faction Paradox

  • After the Velvet Eon (in Burning with Optimism's Flames)
  • Subjective Interlock (in The Book of the Enemy)
  • The Annotated Autopsy of Agent A (in The Book of the Enemy)
  • The Short Briefing Sergeant's Tale (in The Book of the Enemy)
  • A Choice of Houses (in The Book of the Enemy)
  • The Enemy - The Hole in Everything (in The Book of the Enemy)
  • No Enemy But Despair (in The Book of the Enemy)


The Black Archive

  • Image of the Fendahl
  • The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit


Faction Paradox

  • The Book of the Enemy (as editor)

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