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The Superiors are the rulers and guardians of the Totality, also known as the Whoniverse, where the events which form the basis of the television show Doctor Who and its spin-offs in other universe are a reality. Similar to the Firmament, the Superiors think themselves, well, superior, to the other sentient lifeforms in their dominion.

Littlejohn is a Superior who has had several dealings with the 10,000 Dawns, including aiding the Arbiter of Knives in returning a Firmament fugitive from the Totality, and representing the Superiors at the negotiations for the Christmas Needle Agreement.

The Superiors once tasked Lady Aesculapius with returning Graelyn Scythes and Archimedes Von Ahnerabe to their home dimension.

Behind the scenes

  • The Superiors are ostensibly equivalent to the Time Lords of mainstream Doctor Who fiction and Great Houses of Faction Paradox lore.