Tales from the 10,000 Dawns was the first 10,000 Dawns book put into print, originally as a Wizard World Comic Con exclusive. The book was later sold at other conventions as a preview of the 10,000 Dawns Project, but was later pulled from print by project head James Wylder as he was dissatisfied with the book's quality after rushing it to print to be part of the Wizard World exclusive program.

The book's stories have been or will  be all reprinted in some form in the future, most notably in Sidewinders, but also in Poor Man's Iliad and the upcoming A Red Aeneid.

it was edited by James Wylder and featured stories by Rachel Johnson, Miguel Ramirez, Josephine Smiley, Jordan Stout, Elizabeth Tock, and James Wylder. Rachel Johnson designed the cover.


Stories Marked with (S) will be reprinted in Sidewinders, stories marked with (P) were reprinted in Poor Man's Iliad, and stories marked with (R) will be reprinted in a Red Aeneid.


Notable for containing extremely early, and often poorly edited, drafts of stories that feature differences from their later reprinted versions.

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