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Talinata Softworks was a software company founded by Heirum J. Whitehead in New Jersey on Earth in 2172. Under lead software designer Alton Dragonet, they developed the revolutionary WeN-D AI software released in 2190 that would go on to become the standard base code for nearly all future AI systems. The company's logo was designed by Whitehead's young child.

Talinata Softworks also developed Alternate Reality software and technology ( A Taste of Reality, The Night of Enitharmon's Joy.), as well as the Judicator line of robots.

Heirum J. Whitehead refusal to accept Shiori Nakatomi's founding of Centro Systems, and the complete ownership of all companies by Centro, led to his exile to Mars. Dragonet, however, stayed on Earth.

In Songbird's Dawn, Alice "Songbird" MacLeod would unearth a prototype Judicator robot to oversee the trial of Graelyn Scythes by the World Revolutionary Council.