Tarkanovsky Revolution

The Tarkanovsky Revolution, or World War 3, (WWIII), was a conflict between Grigory Tarkanovsky's Earth Liberation Army (ELA) and Shiori Nakatomi's Centro Systems on Earth.

Tarkanovsky took advantage of the unregulated capitalism of Centro in order to buy up massive amounts of military surplus, and arm resistance groups across Earth.

Fighting took place in nearly every place on Earth, as one final push was made to resist Nakatomi's takeover of all world governments. At the beginning, the ELA was extremely successful and Centro's defeat looked certain. However, Nakatomi negotiated a deal with the leaders of the world's militaries to join together as an independent entity under Centro to fight against the ELA. The newly formed Centro Military, built from trained soldiers and seasoned veterans with the latest hardware, utterly crushed the ELA and drove its leader into hiding in Mongolia. The Centro Military soon found his bunker, and executed Tarkanovsky, effectively ending the conflict.

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