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The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns was a prose series which served as the 2020 10,000 Dawns April's Fools' Day event, with its seven original installments (forming on story arc) released periodically throughout the day of April the 1st, 2020 on the James Wylder, Writer website. On July the 19th, a book version expanded with three additional stories was released on Kindle.

Among those stories were at least two crossovers, on top of the interference between early drafts of various elements of 10,000 Dawns and the current form of the setting, which constituted the basics of the idea. Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot saw the characters once more side-stepping into the Totality (the Doctor Who universe), though in an implicit, non-copyright-infringing way, and Remembrance of the Judicator saw the Forgotten Heroines foiling a scheme by the Collective of the Retconning Crocodiles, from The Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids, to take over the 10,000 Dawns.


The Tourist, Pathway and Miranda have escaped the 10,000 Drafts and recruited Shona (of Dawn 6) and Ashlyn Oswin (of Dawn 5) for a fun-loving rampage throughout the 10,000 Dawns. The Firmament had better hang on to their Reset Button, or the Dawns will never be the same again — but in the turmoil, can the five Forgotten Heroines find themselves a new, stable place in the multiverse?


Note: stories marked with a “*” are exclusive to the collected edition and were not released during the original April Fools' Day event.

No. Title Author
1 The Forgotten Heroines
of 10,000 Dawns
Big Takeover!
James Wylder
2 Breaking the Narrative James Hornby
3 Prototype James Wylder
4 The Leader of the Band* James Wylder
5 Go On, Toddle Along Sean Dillion
6 The Convenience Store* James Wylder
7 Should Auld
Acquaintance Be Forgot
Alex Wakeford
8 Remembrance of the Judicator Aristide Twain
9 The New Path* Aristide Twain
10 Not Forgotten James Wylder

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