Venus is a planet in the Sol System, and it SUCKS. It's too hot on the surface to really do anything, the winds, acid rain, and electrical storms also suck, and the one time anyone tried to build a city there? Yeah guess what it didn't go well.

Nakatomi City technically is still there, now called the City of Broken glass, but it's run by Benedict Gillen and he's not exactly the most reasonable or stable person there is. Nakatomi City was the site of an experiment by Centro that resulted in severe damage to the city, and the loss of contact with it from the outside world. Sentinel St. John and his sister Sophia St. John escaped the city together during the evacuation as children.

Above Venus is the Wright Brothers Shipyard, the biggest manmade structure in existence with a population larger than most moons. The majority of ships used in the solar system are built in it.

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