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“You” were a hero mentored by Pathway in her original narrative within the 10,000 Drafts.



Due to her story having been conceived as a roleplaying game, the identity of Pathway's hero protégé was in constant flux; (PROSE: The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns Big Takeover!) they were simply “you”. You attended classes with Pathway and 789, who had disguised themselves as ordinary human, before being pulled to the planet of the Creation Machine via teleportation. (PROSE: Prototype)

Adventures with Pathway

There, you escaped from 789 and a Tyrannosaurus Rex thanks to Pathway, and agreed to join her in her quest to oppose the Numbered and protect the 10,000 worlds created thanks to the Creation Machine. (PROSE: Prototype)

You once shared an adventure with Pathway hiding from “shambling corpses” in a ruined building, on which occasion you tried to ask Pathway about her life. (PROSE: The Leader of the Band)


After escaping from the 10,000 Drafts, Pathway looked back wistfully on her relationship to “you”; having realised the metafictional truth about “you”, she nevertheless still wanted to hold on to the emotional reality of her feelings about you, out of reach as their target might forever remain. She related the experience to a nostalgic ballad taught to her as a child by her mother, whose main character knew her beloved had died at sea but still chose to live each day as if they might return at any moment, because the love and hope helped her keep going. (PROSE: The Leader of the Band)

Behind the scenes

The reader is invited to imagine themselves as the “you” of PROSE: Prototype, in accordance with the original form of the premise as a roleplaying game.