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Ze (zay) Lee was a member of the Rigger's Union. Born on the Hold and orphaned at a young age, she was raised by several members of the Union, and as a result adopted their superstious beliefs.


Ze was sent to the Magellan to join the Riggers already stationed there for project work (Rigged Game). She soon encountered Aya Rodriguez, who stole Ze's safety harness to retrieve her twin sister's corpse from a cargo bay on the ship.

She later encountered Hickory Mallory and Josie in a bar on the ship. Soon after her arrival, Ze found herself being pursured by a Man in Black, who was intent on killing her after she accidentally witnessed them during their business dealings with the Vigilance.

The Man in Black later tracked Ze and Aya to Ze's apartment and attacked them. The two survived the attempt and fled to Mallory's bar. The Man in Black followed them there and proceeded to attack Ze, Aya, and Josie, breaking Aya's arm and attempting to strangle Josie. Mallory then arrived and shot the Man in Black in the head, killing them.

Ze later returned to the Hold. She made a cameo appearance in No Holidays, Please.

Trivia/Behind the scenes

  • Ze is a Jewish trans woman
  • She is implied to have a crush on Aya